Fundamental Tips in Mobile Strike Game

Here are few Mobile Strike tips for those who are new to the game. Please note that these are for beginners only!

Move Buildings in Mobile Strike

Buildings must be moved by first obtaining the item called “building move”. This can be purchased for 500 gold from the gold store or 100,000 loyalty points at the alliance store. Tap the “more” button then select the “building” and then just click on building that is desired to move.
Change Player Name, Base Name, and Commander Name
The player name is the name that is actually appearing on the map, chat and the player profile. To change this, the player must purchase the item “change player name” at the alliance or gold store. Then change the name which must not match any existing Mobile Strike profile. The “base name” is the player’s name of his/her base and deployment troops. The “commander name” can be changed using the same procedures.

Increase the Rebel Target Level

A stronger level of rebel target gives the capability to the player to make an offensive to any higher level Rebel Targets for success. But this takes sufficient time in the Research facility and also in the commander’s tree research. The levels have prerequisites, all the abilities require to be researched specifically above the next level of rebel target 4 before any unlocking activities on levels can be made.

Increase Troop Training Speed

Many players mistakenly believed that the increase in speed of troop training is obtained thru the Training Ground. Building more number of training grounds just actually makes more troops available to the training ground and battles but it doesn’t make the training or production of troops faster. The only building that is capable of increasing the speed of training is the banks. It is better to upgrade and build more numbers of banks to train the troops faster. Another option to increase the speed of training the troops by using the Commander tree but it requires spending some points.

Unlock Full Auto Mode for Shooting

Shooting aspects of the game is also important in dominating an attack and defense. The Auto mode in Mobile Strike can be achieved by unlocking it after purchasing the special gold packs. After unlocking the feature, the player’s shooting gallery can switch the modes from normal to full auto. The advantage of a full auto mode is to use 50,000 worth of ammunition each hit compared to only 5,000 number of ammunition from the normal mode, but it rewards 10 times more gifts per hit.

Hopefully you’ve learned a lot from this post, if not, check out more Mobile Strike Tips.

Online Games: Observance and Security of Privacy

The world has changed as the technology continuously develops until it reached an advanced era where everything is almost made easy to do. Studying is made easy with e-books and online search engines and libraries, billing and other transactions are also made easy through the use of the internet. Another activity that is affected by the internet domination is the online video games which are quite possibly one of the reasons why people are online for most of the time. But like everything in this world, the uncontrollable pace of technology has its problem. Privacy has always been the major issue that is associated with the internet and its online usage and the online and gaming industry has also been hit by this issues.

The concerns about the online privacy issues were brought throughout the world, ranging from annoying spam and advertising messages up to a highly sensitive case of online fraud and theft. An example of these cases is that the number of e browsers gives the users the authority to enable and disable the “Do Not Track” option in order to block or allow the advertisements in setting the cookies through that is used to track the Web use. While since 2012 in Europe based websites, it is a requirement by the law the presence and practice of using the visitor’s “informed consent” before the settling of a cookie for the web use. There is also a case where an in-app purchase for a possession of certain items and packages by the use of a credit card. Unfortunately, the person’s operating the said site or page are hackers who refused to deliver the agreed items and also eventually taking mostly $ 3000 of an amount from the credit card. Playing online games must be taken care with an observation of one’s privacy as it is a property of an individual that must not trespass.

The Best Site for DragonVale Gems Cheats

DragonVale is created by Backflip Studios for a simulation game. This game is made available for iOS and android devices and is downloadable for free thru Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The application game can be performed and played in iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone or various Android devices. The game is released as a freemium business model in September of 2011.

DragonVale is a great game that is free to play, but in some cases that a player needs to purchase items in the game using real money. A player might reach a certain level by using so many items like cash, and then eventually being short in coins to continue the next level, or buy something that is needed. The in-game purchases of the game currency or cash can also be used to boost the player’s dragon park evolution. It is understood that this game is addicting, but for some reasons spending so much money for the virtual items is not that practical. In order to relieve this pain and grant the player’s wishes, DragonVale Gems Cheats Site created this DragonVale Hack and has unlocked the barriers to enjoy the game without drawing any money from your pockets.

This DragonVale cheat by DragonVale Gems Cheats Site was created to be free in public. It is also made compatible with systems of both Android and iOS devices. The previous versions of DragonVale hacks in different games have flaws which make the player decide not to use it, such as the requirement of rooting or the need of a jailbreak. But this version of DragonVale hack by DragonVale Gems Cheats Site which is the stronger and more reliable version 2.5 is flawless that you won’t need to root or jailbreak your phone. It is also undetectable from any game system security so you don’t need to worry that the game will actually detect your DragonVale hack and ban you from using and enjoying this precious game.

You can read some instructions online and the application is available for download on their site. All you need to do is download the DragonVale cheat app in your phone and run it. The application will automatically generate cash, gems, and treats. And the most exciting about it is that it will generate cash, gems, and treats without any limits. These most special features of it are that you can auto detect your device, add unlimited supply gems, grab unlimited cash, and take unlimited treats. This just means you will get unlimited resources and you will also have unlimited enjoyment.

Tactics on Hungry Shark Evolution for Gaming Addicts

You should know these tactics and do not just rely on the Hungry Shark cheat engines, let’s just say these are the tricks to make your game play on Hungry Shark Evolution a professional one. Tactics plus cheats can lead your way to the top ranking spot.
Here are the highlights of this discussion.

  • Go to YouTube or another streaming video sites and watch the most viewed Hungry Shark cheats to boost your gems and coins.
  • Aggravate a giant crab using a Megalodon Shark because it can massively trigger powerful strikes against these crabs.
  • Purchase some baby sharks to provoke great damage against the enemies. These sharks can accompany your lead shark in subduing the enemies. You may refer to these listings below to know the price per baby sharks. Fulfill your unlimited coins and gems through Hungry Shark Trucchi.
    • Baby Mako Shark 20 Gems
    • Baby Hammerhead Shark 60 Gems
    • Baby Tiger Shark 130 Gems
    • Baby Great White Shark 300 Gems
    • Baby Megalodon Shark 900 Gems
    • Baby Reef Shark 1000 Coins
  • Collect the Daily Treasure Chest Everyday and you don’t need to wait for it. You only need to adjust the settings on your phone and collect as many coins and gems as you can.
  • Grab the chance of the Gold Rush and make your coins multiplied.
  • If you’re on the mission to eat Gulper and Angler fish, you may navigate your map and look for the dartboard proceed to the bottom of the map and see plenty of gulper fish while the best location for the Angler fish are found in the undersea cavern.
  • Jump over and move fast to counter attack the submarines using Hungry Shark Trucchi. Don’t let these submarines drown your shark into the deepest twilight zone.
  • At 50,000 coins you can purchase a Megalodon shark that can eat anything that passes in front of its sight.
  • Keeping your shark in action can level up its growth points and evolve your shark into a stronger one using these hacks. See these growth points below and the needed coins to collect.
    • Megalodon Shark 42,550 points for 50,000 coins
    • Great White Shark 14,500 points for 35,000 coins
    • Tiger shark 7350 points for 15,000 coins
    • Hammerhead Shark 3950 points for 6,000 coins
    • Mako Shark 2000 points for 1,500 coins
    • Reef shark 1000 points

Hopefully these tips for Hungry Shark Evolution will make you a rock star in the game! You can also try the Trucchi per Hungry Shark Evolution for quick gains in Coins and Gems.

Keep Your Online Shopping Secured

Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to order and purchase items through the transverse of the internet. It is beneficial especially to households for window shopping and buying items. Though online, the need to immediately survey for the item specifications and price is efficient because you can able to search for the information right next to your PC. The ordering process, payment options and delivery are terrific because the whole process is efficient, fast and practical. As a customer, you don’t need to queue on the line to pay for your items or no need to travel and go to the malls to buy some necessary things. Just turn on your PC, search over the site and browse for the items that you want to buy on your wish list.

Guidelines First Before Proceeding with the Shopping

Think of the factors to be considered first before adding items to your wish list or cart. You should be reading these basic guidelines and secure your privacy whenever you make orders and purchases on the online shopping site. Manage your shopping and enjoy browsing different items on the internet!

Gather information

You can collect the relevant details of the online shopping company, reviews and legitimacy upon searching through various blogs, sites and testimonials. It is important to have a background check first before dealing with the site. As a buyer, you should protect yourself from any fraudulent means or scams thus, you should be careful in selecting where online shops to buy. You may also refer to the ratings of the company and its popularity through the social media such as Instagram, Pin Interest, Facebook and Twitter.

Select a safe Payment Option

Cash on delivery payment options are better than installment using credit cards. In a COD, you can able to physically inspect the item before giving your money. You can avail discounts and no interest or extra charges are imposed on the item. Moreover, usually the shipping fees are waived, thus free, no need to pay additional fees for the delivery.

Navigate the page and online shopping security

It is important to look for the certifications or licenses on the site. You can verify these certifications through looking at their logos. The certifications serve as one of the credentials of an online shopping site to evidence its legitimacy and reliability to the public.

Online Privacy Tips for Gamers

Privacy in the world means so much more than it did 10 years ago. These days however, we are surrounded by technology, and that technology can always been used against us, from stealing your bank information, to your home address. And in the world full of gamers, it makes no difference. Anything free or a really cool mod for a game, or a game “hack” can be used to steal information about you. So what can you do to protect your privacy with online gaming?

Well the most important first step is where do you get your games from? Steam for example is a very safe and well known site. Real game makers put their games through steam to sell them. It is like the GameStop of the internet. The site uses PayPal, or any major credit card provider. This protects, you, as a gamer from credit card fraud, and your funds from being stolen. Buying games from an untrusted site can put you at risk of that. Also, always look for the HTTPS in the URL of a page. This means the page is secure and for more or less trusted.

Mobile Gaming Safety

In the land of mobile gaming, many apps ask for permissions to use specific functions on your phone, from your photo album, to notifications, however the most important one to look out for is location. Nearly every weather service app asks for location, because it needs to know where you are to give you the correct weather, and not weather for Timbuctoo. Though, sometimes, for sneaker apps that by luck get on the app store, will ask for your location. Then you ask yourself, “Why does my puzzle game need access to mu location.” Now I can’t tell you if it really needs it or not, but in some cases, it’s using it to find where you live, and perhaps even when you leave to rob your house, to know when you are alone. This would be more common on Google Play, that doesn’t use the same review process as Apple.

The final thing to watch out for is things that are too good to be true. Did that new game that you really want just come out, but you can’t afford it? Well there always seems to be a surplus of “free downloads.” Now this is already wrong, as you are now pirating games, so you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place, as it causes the developers to lose money. Though why else shouldn’t you? Well, as the case it’s a download, there is usually malware and viruses crammed packed into these “free downloads.” Some just mess up your pc and cause it to slow down, while others have the power to take over your system and hold it “hostage.” Then it asks for sums of money for it to be “unlocked,” but in reality, the virus never probably leaves, just goes dormant, until the makers of it reactivate it. These viruses also usually have powers to do other things, such as steal account information, access webcams to spy on you and more. So is it worth It in the first place to even try to pirate games?

Privacy Isn’t Easy – Be Careful

Privacy when it comes to gaming can always be hard. Though just keep cautious when you find “too good to be true” websites, look out for suspicious activities, and be careful how much you reveal about yourself online. Only then, will you have the most privacy when you’re online gaming.

The Biggest Privacy Thief in the US, the NSA

We all see the commercials of identity theft protection or home alert systems, all to protect our belongings, physical or digital.  Though who is the biggest thief in the US? Well its none other than the government otherwise known as the NSA.

NSA LogoThe NSA, otherwise known as the National Security Agency, was an intelligence organization created in 1952; however it can be traced back much further. However the world has changed much since then, and grown into the age of technology and devices, most which store, or at least have access some most of our personal information. After 9/11, the NSA created new IT systems to deal with the massive amounts of information from all the new technologies: cellphones and the Internet. Though what has the NSA done other than track data of our cellphones and is at one point was thought to be developing technology to be able to track different types of data, such as photos, app usage and more on our phones. It was also said that the NSA tracked over 2000 minutes of cellphone data from Osama Bin Laden when he moved to Afghanistan in 2008. However, the terrorist attacks still happen, and ended up as the largest terrorist attack on US Soil.

In 2013, the NSA broke thousands of privacy rules, meaning thousands of American’s personal information was spied on. And even though the NSA is being forced to end bulk metadata collection from phones, it should stop there. The NSA will continue to try to find loop holes in rules set for them.
And until the last of the NSA has been forced to stop, no Americans data will be safe, or at least as safe as they think it is because you have to think about it in real terms. When has the NSA said to stop one terroristic event? Why do they only say they have put do not describe what they were?

The NSA today still steals American’s personal data, and then how much do you trust the government with it, because it only takes one rogue personnel to use your data for their own use.